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Saints Estate Agents




  • Everything we do is bespoke to your needs and will involve one to one personal service at all times.


  • We believe in providing you with a very high level of service at all times.


  • You will always be able to contact us and chat with us.


  • All phone calls and correspondence with you in order to complete your work is included.


  • You will be clearly informed at all times of the progress of your work and you will receive regular updates as required until you are happy with the final campaign/s you wish to move forwards with.

  • We will create a new Google Ads Account for your business.

  • We will carry out keyword research specific for your business.

  • We will create specific ads relating to your business requirements, needs and goals.

  • Once we are totally satisfied with the structure, your ads will be activated. 

  • All the above process will be discussed with you, to ensure we are using keywords and descriptions specific to your business.

  • All monthly management fees (from £150.00 to £350.00 per month dependant upon account) are paid in advance on a monthly rolling contract. To be discussed and confirmed as required.

  • All advertising budgets are paid directly by you to Google.


  • Not Included: All advertising budgets are paid directly by you to Google.



  • All information relating to your business requirements must be provided as requested. This may include some specific keywords or businesses or locations you wish to target, some of this will be taken from your existing site.


  • NOT Included: All advertising budgets are paid directly by you to Google.

  • You will ensure all agreed monthly management fees are paid in advance on a monthly rolling contract.




  • 100% of any agreed invoice/s to be paid in full before commencement of any work on receipt, by due date. 


  • We always offer a New Business Introductory Discount and provide various payment options/offers.


  • We always offer a one time payment New Business Introductory Discount (approx. 20%), an invoice will be sent as soon as your signed contract is received for £750.00. 


  • If you wish to take advantage of the discount, you must pay the full invoice by the due date.


  • Alternatively, select your preferred payment option, and you will be invoiced accordingly.

  • All payments are to be made in full and honoured as agreed and chosen prior to any commencement of any work.


  • The full fee for this contract pre-discount is £950.00. This is to be paid even if you decide to not continue once work has commenced, as this represents a set fee for a set contract. The New Business Introductory Discount will not apply.


  • There are no refunds or reimbursements, if you decide to withdraw for any reason, once the work has commenced, the full fee is still due.


  • By completing and submitting the form below and accepting and signing this contract and paying or partly paying for the invoice, you agree to honour these terms and all chosen payments.

Please write 'I Agree' with 'Your Name' in Each Box Below, to Confirm You Have Read and Agree with Our Contract Terms.

Contract Terms

Thank you for your order; we hope you will be really pleased with our work and service.

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