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Create and Design a New Bespoke Company Brochure 
for a more professional online and physical presentation.

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Integrity Claims Management

The objective is to create a more professional and useable online and physical brochure. 

To achieve this, we will:

  1. Create and design a new bespoke company brochure for online digital use and for hard print copy for Integrity Claims Management The brochures will be fully print ready and a link for the online digital version will be available.

  2. Both will show consistent messaging throughout your brand that speaks to your audience.

  3. All required information will be on the brochures.

  4. We can assist with printing if required or sending your printer the correct artwork.

We are happy to confirm the above brief does not present us with any difficulties and we are confident you will be very pleased with the end result.

Full details of the plan are available on pages 2-3.


Please read through the information carefully and use our 'E-Sign' system to accept your proposal and get started.


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